I could probably trace the first ideas of this website all the way to 1994 after returning from a 6 week trip to France . I remember that I wanted to put up images from my trip in a multimedia presentation to share with friends. Although the software tools for doing multimedia work were already well developed at the time, it still required significant resources and effort for an amateur. Putting up a website was not even an option then. Weeks went by, life's tasks got in the way and the idea was soon forgotten.

Fast forward 11 years and now email addresses and website urls are exchanged as commonly as phone numbers. Well…at least in most of the developed world. I have also been spending a great deal more effort and time in photography. So shortakes.com seemed like a good idea to both spur myself to continually make better and more creative images, and to produce a showcase for a wider, global audience.

The pictures on the site are largely mine but there are some wonderful contributions from my wife Christine too.

This site will hopefully evolve and grow in step with me. Currently, it is a showcase of my amateur photographic work done during the infrequent escapes from the rat race. Perhaps one day it will serve as a showcase for other, as yet undiscovered, creative pursuits; perhaps it will become a diary recording adventures which I have only day dreamt about and yet perhaps this could become a commercial venture. I have learnt serendipity is a powerful thing.

Ken Sng
October 2005